St. Timothy’s Lutheran School (STLS) is Christ-centered and nurturing. A complete education begins with Christ, is based on Biblical truth, and should be focused on encouraging each student and staff member to grow in his/her own relationship with Jesus Christ. As a Christian community, we are called to work together, encourage each other, and develop Christian love, enabling us to achieve our goals. Nurturing our students (through instruction, training, and discipline) in the Lord’s ways will always underscore our teaching philosophy. We empower and equip students to realize, develop, and use their God-given time, talents, and treasure to become models of service to Christ and others in the world.

Classroom Bible Teaching

STLS the One in Christ curriculum from Concordia Publishing House. This curriculum promotes Bible literacy and discipleship through a comprehensive Bible survey and life-application stories. The curriculum centers on Christ so that students will have optimal opportunities to grow in their faith and Christian lives. The goals for our students are:

  • Know God, especially His seeking and forgiving love in Christ.
  • Respond in faith and grow in Christian maturity.
  • See themselves as the reconciled, redeemed children of God and individual members of Christ’s Body, the Church.
  • Live happily in peace with God, themselves, and their fellow human beings.
  • Express their joy in worship of God and in loving service to others.
  • Value all of God’s creative work in His world and the Church.
  • Witness openly to Christ as the Savior of all people.
  • Participate actively in God’s mission to the Church and the world.
  • Live in Christian hope with the blessed assurance of eternal life in heaven through Christ Jesus, our Lord.



Chapel is held every week on Wednesdays at 9:00 am. All students attend Chapel. Chapel is led by one of the pastors at St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church. Each class also prepares and leads Chapel one time during the school year. Several times throughout the year, we have special Chapel services – First Day of School, Grandparents Day, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and the Last Day of School. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend our weekly Chapel service.


Conflict Resolution

STLS is committed to the belief that each student should feel safe, accepted, and loved by his or her peers, staff, families, and friends. A central component of this philosophy is teaching our children to treat each other with respect and resolve conflicts in a positive, Christ-centered way. Students learn skills that will strengthen their relationships with their families and friends. By learning God’s way of resolving conflicts, students will be better prepared to mature into responsible adults and experience more stable relationships at home, in the workplace, and in their communities. In addition, students learn skills that can keep them from painful and unnecessary conflict as adults. STLS uses two conflict resolution programs:

Friendship Fixer Program
Friendship Fixer Program
The Friendship Fixer program is based on Biblical principles with a central message of peace and restoration. This program focuses on children’s friendship building skills. It is a multisensory program that equips children with the necessary tools to reduce conflict and improve relationships. (Preschool – 2nd grade)

Young Peacemakers Program
Young Peacemakers Program
The Young Peacemaker program is designed for intermediate school students. In this program, students learn the importance of personal responsibility as it relates to conflict, and discover ways to prevent conflict in the future. Students learn that the Bible has the answers to their personal conflicts: repentance, confession, and forgiveness. They begin to understand that they need to obey God regardless of how they feel. (3rd – 5th grade)


From Junior Kindergarten (JK) to 5th grade, our students are encouraged to be involved in service to their school, church, community and the world. Opportunities to minister include Operation Christmas Child, park and school clean up, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the homeless shelter at City Team ministries, serving on student council, sending cards to soldiers deployed overseas, Packathon, and many other opportunities that arise during the school year.