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Ice Cream Social and Open House!

Join us at St. Timothy’s Christian Academy for our  Ice Cream Social and Open House  on Thursday, August 18th from 3-5pm. Classrooms will be open and families can enjoy ice cream and time to socialize with each other to kick off the start of the school year!

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Mrs. Renken’s Principal Post- Reading

Why Some Kids Don’t Enjoy Reading

Getting your child to read can be a daunting task. We all know the importance of reading—studies have shown the more kids read, the better they read and the more they learn about the world around them. But some kids just won’t read. They say “it’s boring,” “it’s no […]

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Mrs. Renken’s Principal’s Post- Chores

It is no secret that our children are being pulled in many different directions, from

the demands at school to time spent at sports or other extracurricular activities. Our

children are so scheduled that household chores are often left off their to-do lists.

Parents understandably want their children to have time to “just be kids.” Children’s

inevitable push […]

Principal’s Post

This month I am sharing an article that is being published about St. Timothy’s in the Center for Urban Education’s February Newsletter (


“St. Timothy’s Lutheran School believes the efforts of a few students can one day inspire the acts of many. We see the future of the Church in the education of its children: […]

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Mrs. Renken’s September Principal’s Post

There is so much written about how to get your children ready for school. Back to school is a natural time to begin healthy routines for your family, such as making time to start the day with a healthy breakfast, creating an afterschool routine of healthy snacks and homework, screen time limitations, earlier bedtime […]

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Mrs. Renken’s Principal Post

Each month the staff at St. Timothy’s Lutheran School will be writing about issues pertinent to young families with preschool and school aged children. We are looking forward to sharing with you what we are thinking about and what is happening at the school. The mission and vision of the school is to prepare […]

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Screen Time Dilemmas

Most parents have had to grapple with the issue of screen time at some point or another.  We have doubtlessly struggled over what is appropriate, how much is appropriate, setting limits for our children, etc.  There are clearly pros and cons to living in the Silicon Valley, arguably the most technologically minded society in […]

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St. Tim’s Hosts pack-a-thon, donates to Second Harvest Food Bank

By Kyla Cragg, Almaden Times

School fundraisers usually mean selling popcorn, walking laps, or crab-eating feast. For St. Timothy’s Lutheran School however, it means helping those in need in San Jose.

After five Earth Day walkathons to raise money, the small Christian school decided to try something different that would also tie into their mission of […]

Alumni Sarah Cline Athlete of the Month

Sarah Cline is probably one of the most underrated and accomplished athletes at Leigh High. Not only is she ranked 1st in the CCS, but is ranked 5th in the state of California, and 20th in the nation as a whole.

“My biggest achievement was probably making it to the state meet for my first […]

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Happy Mother’s Day from our Kindergarten Class

Our Kindergarteners tell us why they love their moms during our Mothers Day Tea today!

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