There is so much written about how to get your children ready for school. Back to school is a natural time to begin healthy routines for your family, such as making time to start the day with a healthy breakfast, creating an afterschool routine of healthy snacks and homework, screen time limitations, earlier bedtime to name a few. This time of year is also a good time to create healthy spiritual habits. As you get into your back to school rhythm, be intentional about including time for God in your schedule.


  1. Plan time for daily family devotions
    There are many devotional books written for families and children of all ages. Visit a Christian bookstore to look for a book that your family would enjoy. This is a great way to model how important it is to set aside time for God everyday. Watch for opportunities to tie what you discuss during your devotional time with situations in your child’s life.
  2. Go to church
    If this isn’t already a habit for your family, set a goal to attend Sunday School and church each week. As with family devotions, this is an important way to show that you are putting God first in your lives. You are modeling that no matter how busy you are, God is a priority.
  3. Highs and Lows
    Take time each day to talk as a family about your day. Have each person share highs from their day and their lows. This is a great way to find out what is really happening in your child’s life. It also gives you an opportunity to celebrate the victories in your child’s life and influence them in how they react and respond in difficult situations.
  4. Pray for your child
    Take time each day (and throughout the day) to pray for your child. Prayer is a great way to protect your child when you aren’t there to keep on eye on them. Pray for situations that your child is struggling with. Pray for guidance to know how best to parent your child. Pray for areas that you are concerned about for your child. Prayer is powerful and it works!

Your most important job as a parent is to introduce your child to Jesus. You are the primary influence on your child’s faith. Your children are going to experience a lot of different things when they head off to school and you need to be ready to help them put their experiences into the right perspective.