Mission Statement

St. Timothy’s Lutheran School prepares the next generation of leaders to influence the world, building on a foundation of Christian faith and values.

Vision Statement

St. Timothy’s Lutheran School believes the efforts of a few students can one day inspire the acts of many. We see the future of the Church in the education of its children: that they are loved, demonstrate Christian faith, understand God’s will for their lives, and develop their talents for leading others.



Welcome to Our Website!

Thank you for your interest in St. Timothy’s Lutheran School. We invite you to explore our website to discover the many ways we offer academic excellence in a nurturing environment.

Since 1979, we have been providing our students with opportunities to develop not only academically but also socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Our core values are a Christ-centered education, nurturing environment, high academic standards and quality teaching staff. We strive to develop the whole child, which we believe gives our students a strong spiritual and academic foundation for success in school and life. Whether you are looking for a Preschool or Elementary School education for your child, we hope that you will schedule a tour to visit our campus during the school day to see how our children learn. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know your child.

In Christ,

Gayle Renken


Core Values

Mark 12:30 — Loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength is at the heart of St. Timothy’s core values. A complete education begins with Christ, is based on Biblical truth, and should be focused on encouraging each student and staff member to grow in his/her own relationship with Jesus Christ. As students and staff grow in their relationship with God, they will glorify Him through their personal conduct and interactions with others.
1 Peter 3:8, Romans 12:1-6 — St. Timothy’s Lutheran School is committed to the belief that each student should feel safe, accepted, and loved by his or her peers, staff, families, and friends. As a Christian community, we are called to work together, encourage each other, and develop Christian love, enabling us to achieve our goals. Nurturing our students (through instruction, training, and discipline) in the Lord’s ways will always underscore our teaching philosophy. We empower and equip students to realize, develop, and use their God-given time, talents, and treasure to become models of service to Christ and others in the world.
Colossians 3:23-24 — St. Timothy’s Lutheran School is committed to educational programs that promote high academic achievement and incorporate the elements conducive to a positive and productive learning atmosphere. Through a developmental approach, we encourage and foster student participation, critical thinking and problem solving. Every child is encouraged to maximize his/her learning potential and to develop a lifelong love for learning. This approach creates a desire for achievement beyond expectation and results in students who graduate with skills and accomplishments that allow them to excel in future academic and vocational pursuits, as well as students that are equipped with a high-quality education to think critically and to influence the world for Christ.
Proverbs 22:6, James 3:1, 1 Corinthians 12:28 — St. Timothy’s Lutheran School is committed to hiring exceptional, professionally qualified employees who honor and love God, love children, and conduct themselves as excellent, godly role models. Furthermore, our teachers are called to the teaching profession, demonstrate a passion for Christian education, and have a high personal standard of academic excellence and achievement. Our employees are committed to establishing a mentoring relationship with students, taking advantage of character development opportunities, partnering with parents, and understanding their ultimate accountability to God.